Biomega - Volume 6
200 Pages • 6 Chapters
March 19, 2009 (Japanese)
May 10, 2011 (English)
ISBN 4-08-877622-4 (Japanese)
1-4215-3277-6 (English)
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The Sixth and Final Volume of Biomega was released on March 19th, 2009 by Shueisha, and on May 10th, 2011 by VIZ Media.


Niarudi and the DRF rule the strange cordlike world of the Restorative. Yet without Eon Green, Niarudi will never be able to remake the world as she wishes. Now the biomechanical inhabitants of the Restorative are beginning to succumb to dronification, a result of the N5S plague that wiped out the original Earth. Only Zoichi and Fuyu can stop the nightmare from repeating itself, but to do so they'll need to find Eon Green and the incredible secret she holds about the past that will shape the future. The final confrontation is at hand, and the prize for victory is the power to transform humanity and the world itself!



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