Blame! - Volume 2
224 Pages • 5 Chapters
August, 1999 (Japanese)
November 8, 2005 (English)
ISBN 4-06-314194-2 (Japanese)
1-59532-835-1 (English)
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The Second Volume of Blame! was released in August of 1999 by Kodansha, and on November 8th, 2005 by TOKYOPOP.

The volume continues to follow Killy on his journey up through The City, coming across a large civilization controlled by the oppressive Bio-Electric Corporation. There he meets a scientist named Cibo, who proves to be of great assistance to his mission. Together, they attempt to penetrate the seemingly indestructible Megastructure that separates them from whatever lies beyond.


On his quest to find the humans possessing Net Terminal Genes, Killy enters Cluster Town, where he comes across a woman who offers help. Her vast knowledge of the power behind this city may prove to be an asset to Killy, as long as he can give her what she needs. But the two will have to work fast, as they attempt to break through to the next sector of the Authority - the massive network that makes up the brain of the city.



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