"EX-LOG" is an additional chapter in Blame!, and the fourth chapter of Volume 1.


With his injuries healing, Killy wanders through a long abandoned area, passing broken down machinery and a corpse with an insignia of an eye on it's shoulder - Killy notes this and moves forward.

Traveling through more stairs and hallways, he reaches an opening over a view of a large area; he uses his binoculars to see another eye insignia on a wall in the far distance. Eventually reaching it, he sees it's a hatch, and uses his strength to pull the door right out of the wall. Inside he finds dozens of identical machines lined in a row stretching across the interior, and a case with a large amount of food. After eating all of the food, he investigates one of the machines, discovering what appears to be a human child inside, hooked to a breathing apparatus. Right above Killy, a Silicon Creature that appears to be a guard descends, aiming numerous guns at his face; Killy simply punches the machine away before diving out of the opening, barely avoiding the guard's machine guns. He grabs onto a ledge as he aims his weapon back at the building (and the nursery guard pursuing him), then seems to hesitate as he remembers the infants inside. The guard fires off missiles towards him, prompting him to shoot; the guard and the entire nursery are destroyed in the resulting explosion.

Picking himself back up, he looks out at the damage he caused.

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