"Net Sphere" is the tenth chapter of Blame!, and the fourth chapter of Volume 2.


In a flashback to Cibo’s time at a laboratory of the Bio-Electric corporation, she and a clone of the corporation's President observe her experiment to connect to the Netsphere. A human subject with a synthetic net terminal gene is connected to a vast array of machinery. Nearby, a volatile artificial creature provides power. Cibo observes the subject’s visual experiences on a large monitor.

The experiment is initiated, and the subject finds herself in a virtual reality of a grassy plain. A Safeguard officer appears and destroys the subject’s virtual body, sending the subject into shock. With the experiment’s illicit connection detected, countermeasures begin to affect the facility. The subject’s real body is remotely infected and reformatted into a worm-like mass which damages the facility, killing the clone.

As Cibo assists workers, the subject’s mass converts into Safeguards. They slaughter the staff while an imp-like Safeguard frees the artificial creature, coaxing it to detonate. The explosion destroys the facility.

The flashback ends, revealing that Cibo has shared the memory with Killy through a cable, explaining that she was later revived using her backup data. They proceed towards the ceiling of their stratum of the megastructure, making camp near the top of an interfacing tower.

They are awoken by two beings materializing in front of them. One of them, an aggressive Safeguard unit, attempts to kill the other, but Killy destroys it. The other entity, a proxy for the Authority, declares that it has a message for Killy.

Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Cibo
  • President Clone
  • Safeguard units
  • Authority proxy
  • Various residents of Cluster Town

Notes & Trivia

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