"The Great Surf" is the twelfth chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 3.


In the next stratum of the megastructure, Cibo and Killy observe a swarm of builders working on a structure made from materials different than the surroundings. In an outlying settlement damaged by a battle, there are corpses from an unfamiliar strain of humans.

Another authority proxy who was disabled in the battle explains that the Authority failed to protect the settlement. It warns the pair to flee nearby Safeguards. The proxy’s body is reformatted into Safeguards, and an advanced Safeguard with a graviton beam weapon also materializes. In the ensuing fight, Cibo’s arm is broken, and the advanced Safeguard infects Killy with nanobodies.

The Safeguards leave Killy for dead, and the pair recover with the help of another damaged Authority proxy. Before its death, this proxy explains that the special structure they observed functions independently of the City, and there may be genetically intact humans with the net terminal gene there.

Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Cibo
  • Authority Proxy
  • Safeguard Soldier

Notes & Trivia

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