"Electrosilos Fishermen" is the thirteenth chapter of Blame!, and the second chapter of Volume 3. This chapter marks the first appearance of Sanakan.


Proceeding towards the ancient residential structure, Killy and Cibo investigate a human smell, and discover a sickly man and Sanakan. After the man dies, Sanakan agrees to guide them to a populated area which has been too dangerous for her to reach. Along the way, Killy becomes ill from his nanobody infection, and they are ambushed by Safeguards.

Killy destroys the first wave of Safeguards before losing consciousness. Sanakan’s ordinary gun is ineffective against the Safeguards’ armor. Sutezo and Pops, two Electrofishers, appear and rescue the group from a second wave using rail rifles. Pops invites the group to the Electrofishers’ settlement at the special structure.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • First appearance of Sanakan.
  • It becomes visible that the humans of this area are generally much shorter than Killy and Cibo. This is probably due to the ancestral divergence between populations in separate strata of the megastructure. Cibo previously observed this divergence in their DNA.

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