"Assault" is the sixteenth chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 3.


Killy faces off with the Safeguard Sanakan, who intends to destroy the Fishermen village. Cibo warns him not to use his graviton beam, as any damage to the nearby Toha Heavy Industries would be catastrophic.

Sanakan launches barbs into nearby villagers. Nanobodies carried by the barbs transform their bodies into Exterminators, who attack the remaining populace.

Sanakan moves to use her graviton beam weapon, but Killy tackles her. They struggle, throwing each other through walls and support columns, until Sanakan pins Killy’s head under her foot. She fires several beams through the habitation sector, devastating the village.

Electrofisher fighters arrive to attack Sanakan. Killy distracts her by breaking off her foot, and Sutezo shoots through Sanakan’s weapon-arm, causing it to explode. The Electrofishers finish her off with sustained rail rifle fire.

Killy moves to retrieve his gun, luckily avoiding Sanakan’s metamorphosis into a butterfly-like form. Her wings decapitate Sutezo and his fighters, and she escapes before Killy can shoot.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • Sanakan wonders that only Killy’s “functions” (his information senses and interactions) have been restored, implying she knows more of Killy’s true abilities.

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