"Scattered Space" is the twenty-sixth chapter of Blame!, and the second chapter of Volume 5.


Killy finds himself in an open area. His weapon is still offline - it seems he is still within Toha Heavy Industries. A giant Silicon creature bursts from a nearby fortress wall, pursuing a flying, suited figure. The figure destroys the giant with a dual-beam weapon. She seems to be a version of Cibo with no memory of Killy.

Another figure appears; Cibo identifies it as a new model of Silicon life. She and Killy retreat.

They discuss their incongruent memories. Cibo explains that the area is spatially and temporally unstable, and they have arrived here from different histories. In this Cibo’s timeline, she traversed the megastructure alone.

Signs in a residential area reveal they are in the fourth cave of Toha. A degraded holographic message from the familiar Cibo includes a set of coordinates. Killy and the new Cibo set off to the location.

Flying along, they evade more Silicon giants. The new-model Silicon creature stuns them in its disruption field. They are rescued by another Cibo with a blonde adult appearance and Sanakan’s wings.

The new-model creature pursues them. The familiar Cibo deploys a set of insulating field projectors. Within the field, Killy’s gun is no longer disabled, and he blasts the creature.

Reunited with the familiar Cibo, Killy learns that she has been waiting in the fourth cave for more than ten years.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • The new Cibo is unfamiliar with Killy, but she recognizes the new-model Silicon creature. This may indicate the creature is native to her timeline.
  • Cibo’s long wait may have been subjective, the locally unstable flow of time running faster for her. Or, Killy’s reappearance may have been delayed, either by a similar flux of time, or simply by a quirk of Mensab’s teleportation system.

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