"Gravity Furnace" is the twenty-seventh chapter of Blame!, and the third chapter of Volume 5.


The new-model Silicon creature begins to recover. It breaks Cibo’s insulating field projector, so that Killy’s gun is disabled again. Then, it flees to repair itself.

The familiar Cibo explains that this part of Toha Heavy Industries hosts an important facility called a gravity reactor. Its malfunctioning is the cause of the spatial and temporal anomalies in the area. To escape the fourth cave of Toha, they must disable the reactor.

The reactor’s impeller is made of gravitons, and is unassailable by normal means. However, Killy’s graviton beam emitter, once again enabled by Cibo’s insulating field, creates a temporary puncture. Spacetime warps around the group, and the area’s true layout appears, revealing an exit nearby.

The new-model creature, regenerated in a larger form, materializes before them and fires its disruption field. The Cibos evade, and Killy decapitates the creature with his bare hands.

The group rushes for the exit as the spacetime stability starts to break down. At the last moment, the alternate Cibo is speared from behind by the living remains of the creature, which has sprouted improvised limbs. Dying, she falls back into the warping spacetime as Killy and the familiar Cibo escape.

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