"Version" is the twenty-eighth chapter of Blame!, and the fourth chapter of Volume 5.


After escaping the fourth cave of Toha Heavy Industries, Cibo and Killy are teleported backwards through time.

They return to the confrontation between Mensab and Seu, Ivy and Maeve, and themselves. The Silicon creatures and the Toha enforcers have been fighting; all are wounded, and Seu has cut Maeve apart at the waist.

Killy has retained the dual-beam weapon belonging to the alternate history’s Cibo. With it, he destroys Ivy’s folding blade. Ivy is confused at the presence of such a weapon, and retreats, carrying Maeve with him.

Seu collapses from his injuries, and Mensab teleports him away. Cibo and Killy go to find Mensab.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • Cibo remarks this is the second time that she and Killy have saved Mensab. The first time was when Mensab was restrained by Safeguards in Log 25 - although, from her perspective, that hasn’t happened yet.

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