"Sanakan and Cibo" is the thirty-first chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 6.


In the thirteenth cave of Toha Heavy Industries, the factions try to stop Central’s plan to teleport all of Toha.

Sanakan’s persona has reclaimed control of her body. Cibo has implanted her memories into the body of her alternative self from another timeline, effectively transferring herself into it. She attempts to subdue Sanakan, but Maeve interferes in her new-model Silicon body. Cibo loses a leg in the fight.

Sanakan recovers, and fires her graviton weapon at the Central AI from several kilometers away.

Cibo contacts Killy, who has been arguing with Central to give up and restore the agreement inhibiting Netsphere entities from operating inside Toha. He senses Sanakan, and returns fire with his own graviton beam.

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