"Disappearance" is the thirty-fifth chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 6.


The thirteenth cave of Toha Heavy Industries completes its teleportation, catastrophically embedding itself into another part of the City. As it begins to break apart, Cibo collapses from her wounds and fatigue. She and her data package are retrieved by Mensab’s Custodians.

Mensab gives Killy a final message. She hovers near a vessel that contains the digitized minds of the humans of the eighth cave, for whom she had been responsible. Central had intended to transport their bodies and minds separately, reviving them at their undisclosed destination beyond the City. The bodies were destroyed after the teleportation, eliminating their genetic information. However, Mensab wishes to help Killy’s search for the net terminal gene.

Mensab departs with Seu and the vessel into a timespace rift to await the revival of the digitized humans. Just as Toha finally destructs, she uses her remaining teleportation ability to move Killy outside, as well as her universal constructor. Within the constructor, Mensab has repaired Cibo, and given her a sample of Seu’s DNA.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • In Log 17, Zuru describes a process formerly available to the her ancestors, the Planters of Toha Heavy Industries, in which a post-mortem data package is employed to revive a dead person. It is possible that Cibo’s resuscitation in the constructor is that very process, requiring the data package of her previous body, which she happened to have received in Log 34.

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