"Unofficial Megastructure" is the thirty-seventh chapter of Blame!, and the seventh and final chapter of Volume 6.


Cibo and Killy approach the local ceiling of the megastructure, looking for a way to enter the next stratum above. They discover an elevator manned by a benign Netsphere entity. The elevator monitor explains that he was created randomly by Builders, and offers to take the travellers up.

The monitor details his occupation, and the layout of the area. After finding no net terminal genes on his sensors, the group agrees to ride towards a Netsphere-based distress signal. It takes over 800 hours (more than a month) to get there.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • When asked if anyone has ever used his elevator, the monitor answers “as far as I know, just once” in an earlier English translation. (This is perhaps literally true, including the present trip, characterizing the monitor as a simplistic machine.) The Master Edition revises this as “not once, as far as I know” (discounting the present trip, as one would normally do).
  • Killy passes the time on the elevator by putting himself to sleep with an injection to the head, as he did in Log 3.

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