"Central Nexus" is the thirty-eighth chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 7.


2,244,096 hours (over 256 years) in the past, Dhomochevsky lies wounded after a battle with Silicon creatures. His companion, Iko, informs him that the local effector towers are unavailable to heal him, presumably suborned or destroyed by Silicon life.

The Silicon creature Schiff approaches rapidly, and a squad of Exterminators download to intercept him. Schiff slashes his way through, avoids the seeking bolts from Dhomochevsky’s handgun, and pierces the man’s head and eye with a projectile blade. The Exterminators manage to force Schiff into launching his remaining blade, and they carry away Dhomochevsky.

At the present moment, Cibo and Killy’s progress is watched by Pcell. Her observations are relayed to Davine Lu Linvega by Schiff.

The travellers are attacked by a swarm of insects. One of them attaches itself to Cibo, invading her nervous system and paralysing half of her body. A gargantuan insect bowls them over and transforms; it is the Silicon creature Blon. Killy obliterates Blon’s torso with a graviton shot that erupts installations for kilometers behind him .

Killy carries the unconscious Cibo to another area. He encounters Dhomochevsky, sporting a black band over his lost eye.

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