"Class 1 Critical Effect Weapon" is the thirty-ninth chapter of Blame!, and the second chapter of Volume 7.


Dhomochevsky and Killy stare each other down. Killy has his gun drawn, prepared to defend the unconscious Cibo, who is still suffering from an insect attached to her body.

At Dhomochevsky’s command, Iko remotely disables Killy’s graviton gun for a moment. Dhomochevsky fires seeking bolts on an overhead trajectory, and evades Killy’s delayed graviton shot. The bolts disable Killy.

Pcell meets Schiff to report the battle between the two gunmen. The newcomers cannot be identified, she says, and all have disappeared.

Killy finds himself back on the elevator he rode through the megastructure. The elevator monitor explains his reprogrammed intent to transport Killy back to the lower stratum and forbid his return. When Killy resists, the monitor reformats into a form similar to an Exterminator. Killy throws the monitor beneath the elevator’s gears, destroying him and the elevator.

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