"Techno Nomads" is the third chapter of Blame!, and the third chapter of Volume 1.


Two members of the Technomads, Yone and Asako, are seen climbing a tower while looking for supplies. They wonder where the third member of their party, Shicizo, is, and Asako radios him, telling him to hurry before the "Watchers" find them. Shicizo, however, is unable to understand them due to interference and is messily killed by a Watcher. Yone leaves to check what happened, and Asako runs after her. After parkouring across the decaying metal, they find a dead Watcher, along with Killy, unconscious from a severe head injury. They bring him back to their current base, surprised to find another human from the outside.

They bring him to their doctors, and he makes a quick recovery. He asks if anyone here can access the net, though no one knows what he's talking about. Disappointed, he tells them his name before injecting something into his head, which instantly puts him to sleep. The Technomads can only look on as they continue their work.

Soon, the Watchers invade the base, killing numerous Technomads in their path. Yone begins fighting them off while Asako closes the main gate to prevent more from entering. Yone is barely able to save a child Technomad from one of the Watchers, before Killy suddenly arrives, impaling the Watcher with a pole and smashing it against a wall. He draws his gun to stop a second one, though Asako kills it first.

Everyone begins making repairs and Yone warns Killy that he should leave; Killy, however, asks her to show him where they come from. She shows him the Watcher's hive, then panics when he walks into the open. As dozens of Watchers begin to fly towards Killy, he draws his gun and fires. He is able to dive and knock Yone out of the way before the hive explodes. She regains consciousness later underneath a pile of ash and searches for Killy, though the man has already left the area.

Character Appearances

  • Killy
  • Yone
  • Asako
  • Shichizo
  • Dozens of civilians

Notes & Trivia

  • First and only appearance of the Technomads and the Watchers.

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