"Capture" is the fortieth chapter of Blame!, and the third chapter of Volume 7.


At Dhomochevsky’s base, the insect attached to Cibo is removed by surgical robots. She awakens wearing new equipment, meets Dhomochevsky and Iko, and questions them.

Cibo’s rescuers refer to themselves as ‘provisional Safeguards’ who protect all humans on their level of the megastructure. Dhomochevsky refuses to return the sample of Seu’s DNA, taking it into custody. They do not realize Cibo can overhear their radio speech. From it, she learns that Dhomochevsky lies about not knowing Killy’s whereabouts, and that he has kept Killy’s graviton beam weapon.

Later, Cibo traps Iko with field emitters and interrogates her, learning that Dhomochevsky sent Killy away by reprogramming the elevator monitor. When Dhomochevsky enters, Cibo incapacitates him with a stun rod and an electrical shock from her arm. She reclaims the DNA sample and the graviton gun, and flees.

Iko explains that Cibo’s radio sense and weapons were part of her new ‘Safeguard’ suit. She sympathetically gave the suit to Cibo because it was the closest one available to her original equipment, which was dismantled in the surgery. Dhomochevsky chases after Cibo.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • The aquatic tank at Dhomochevsky’s base features a coelacanth, a fish known as a ‘living fossil’. This is the only instance of earthly animal life seen in the City since the dog in Log 2.

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