"Anti-Intrusion Electron Space" is the forty-first chapter of Blame!, and the fourth chapter of Volume 7.


Cibo flees from Dhomochevsky using her new suit’s flight function, but he stuns her with seeking bolts. Iko remotely commands the suit, landing her safely. However, the group finds themselves outside of the “anti-intrusion electron space” that prevents Silicon forces from observing or affecting their base.

Dhomochevsky offers an ultimatum: Cibo may keep the sample of Seu’s DNA and the graviton gun, but must leave this stratum of the megastructure. Ultimately, Dhomochevsky wants to keep human DNA away from Davine Lu Linvega, who wishes to connect to the Netsphere.

From his sanctum, Davine downloads Exterminators to assault the group. At first, Dhomochevsky tells the others to retreat while he faces the enemy, but Cibo returns and changes her safeguard suit to a defense mode. Together, they defeat the Exterminators.

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