"Special Safeguards" is the forty-third chapter of Blame!, and the sixth and final chapter of Volume 7.


Back at his base, Dhomochevsky reflects on his first memories of his present existence. He and Iko (originally in a human form) were created by a Netsphere defense system, in response to the invasion of their stratum of the megastructure by Silicon life.

Presently, Iko has prepared the base for evacuation, securing all sensitive materials. She, Cibo and Dhomochevsky make their way to the elevator, to send Cibo on her way. They are protected by Iko’s portable anti-intrusion electron space.

Iko explains this stratum is an ‘unofficial’ addition to the megastructure, where the embedded computational hardware was not integrated into Netsphere operations. For the purpose of completing the integration, a special connection to the Netsphere is allowed without the net terminal gene, instead requiring merely a normal genome. Davine Lu Linvega plans to use the DNA sample from Seu to connect in this way, and invade the Netsphere.

At a terminal, the group discovers the elevator is unavailable (having been destroyed by Killy). Pcell approaches, and Dhomochevsky and Cibo exchange fire with her. Dhomochevsky and the rebuilt Blon wound each other with sustained gunfire.

Blon momentarily seizes the DNA sample from Cibo, but Dhomochevsky severs the limb holding it. At the last moment, the group escapes down the elevator shaft, crushing Blon beneath the elevator’s massive hatch. The sample ends up thrown nearby, and Pcell retrieves it.

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