"Inside the Megastructure" is the forty-fourth chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 8.


At the elevator shaft, Pcell has captured Cibo’s sample of Seu’s DNA. She deploys nanotech seeds that reformat local matter into minions resembling Exterminators. They leave to deliver the sample to Davine Lu Linvega. Using her kinetic blade, Pcell begins to force the elevator hatch, in pursuit of Cibo, Dhomochevsky and Iko. The group retreats into an adjacent corridor.

Killy, equipped with Safeguard weaponry from the armory, continues his search to rejoin Cibo. He is ambushed by Schiff, who destroys one of his weapons, and stabs him through the hand and chest. Killy immobilizes Schiff, and pulverizes his head with several punches. With a sidearm, he executes Schiff with a shot to his damaged head.

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