"Provisional Connection Certification" is the forty-sixth chapter of Blame!, and the third chapter of Volume 8.


Pcell’s minions deliver the sample of Seu’s DNA to Davine Lu Linvega’s facility. It is employed to prepare the provisional Netsphere connection permitted in the ‘unofficial’ megastructure stratum.

Cibo and the group reunite after the battle with Pcell. Iko and Dhomochevsky offer a truce, despite Killy’s ambiguous status as a Safeguard. Killy agrees to help retake the DNA sample.

The group travels to the Silicon life base within the megastructure to avoid detection. They visit an errantly reconstructed residential building. Dhomochevsky leaves a small device there.

Davine initiates the Netsphere connection. In a virtual reality portraying a river, she manifests in Seu’s body (due to using his DNA to connect). An Authority proxy denies her entry, but she begins to hack through the security restrictions, represented by crossing the river,. The proxy invokes extra defenses designed to delay an intruder’s access, widening the river.

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