"Raid" is the forty-seventh chapter of Blame!, and the fourth chapter of Volume 8.


Dhomochevsky, Iko, Cibo and Killy travel to the Silicon life base to confront Davine Lu Linvega and retrieve the DNA sample, but they meet defensive measures.

They are assaulted by a massive walking mouth that swallows the two gunmen. In pushing Cibo to safety, Dhomochevsky loses an arm in the teeth of the creature. The walkway beneath Cibo’s feet begins to reformat into a hostile centipede-like monster. Iko goads the monster into breaking itself off from the wall, and it falls away. Cibo retains Dhomochevsky’s arm.

Killy and Dhomochevsky are deposited by the mouth into a large cell, where Exterminator-like minions and centipedes download to kill them. After holding their ground for a time, Killy identifies the matter effector tower creating the creatures from several kilometers away. He cleaves it with a graviton shot.

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