"Urge" is the forty-eighth chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 8.


Within the Silicon life base, Cibo and Iko raid a control center. They extend an interfacing bridge to the inner structure. Within, Davine Lu Linvega continues to break through Netsphere defenses, aided by the DNA sample to authenticate a provisional connection.

Iko and Cibo enter a surreal, aquatic virtual reality to interface with the facility. Iko meets resistance from a ghoulish Silicon effigy. Cibo interacts with microbe-like virtual creatures to open the inner facility’s wall, exposing Davine.

Dhomochevsky and Killy move to assassinate Davine, but they are attacked by Pcell and her minions. She mangles Killy’s arm and incapacitates him. She gravely wounds Dhomochevsky, but he blasts her head.

Pcell dissolves and is reconstructed nearby, but without the matter effector tower’s coordination, her reconstitution is deformed. Both she and Dhomochevsky collapse from their injuries.

At the river representing the Netsphere security border, the Authority proxy reveals that Davine’s connection has been delayed, giving those outside time to stop her.

With his last strength, Dhomochevsky uses an energy weapon in his arm, killing Davine. Just before dying, Davine managed to retrieve something from the Net: data about an advanced Safeguard unit.

In the control system, Cibo connects with this data, and her real body begins to reformat.

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