"Level 9" is the forty-ninth chapter of Blame!, and the sixth chapter of Volume 8.


Cibo’s body forms a pod, incubating an exceptionally powerful Safeguard being. At Iko’s recorded request, Dhomochevsky takes Killy’s graviton gun, and attempts to destroy the pod and a fetus-like structure that emerges from it. The fetus transforms into a mechanical body bearing Cibo’s face, and decapitates Dhomochevsky.

Killy recovers and confronts Cibo’s new form, unsure whether it is friend or foe. As Cibo casts an energy bolt at him, Killy reacts by retrieving his gun and shooting her, only to discover that the bolt has repaired his arm, rather than damaging him.

Pcell, fallen and deformed, attempts a blast from her kinetic blade at Cibo. Killy finishes her off with a shot.

The core of Cibo’s body activates. She extends a projector array, and creates a column of energy that encompasses the facility.

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