"Far-Off" is the fiftieth chapter of Blame!, and the seventh and final chapter of Volume 8.


In a flash-forward, Killy’s disfigured body is embedded in the melted wreckage of Davine Lu Linvega's facility. He dreams distorted images of other places and times.

At the present moment, Cibo’s level 9 Safeguard form prepares to destroy the area. Killy attempts to shoot her, but he cannot withstand her energy emissions. Cibo’s energy field turns the facility to molten slag, and she flies away.

The river representing the Netsphere security border is deserted; the Silicon incursion is ended.

Later, Cibo climbs upward through the City, drastically weakened.

A new instance of Sanakan tracks Cibo, discovering a hole Cibo made in a megastructure manifold to travel upward. Sanakan reports her progress into a communicator. She carries a graviton handgun similar to Killy’s weapon.

Character Appearances

Notes & Trivia

  • (MILD SPOILERS) Killy’s recollections seem to include images from the past and future. Among his visions are:
    • A square corridor, similar to the one constructed during the manga’s final major battle.
    • A vast facility crackling with energy, similar to the one Killy will visit in Log 51.
    • A view of floating upwards through an ocean filled with plant life, similar to a scene near the end of the story.
    • Dhomochevsky and Iko.
      • Iko has her original human form, which Killy never sees. This may imply that Killy knew them in the past, but lost his memory of them. Or, he may have accessed someone else’s memories through his ambiguous connection to Safeguard systems.
      • The provisional safeguards appear to be in a section of the City furnished with many living trees. This may indicate the vision takes place in the distant past, before all order and maintenance broke down. Or, it may be a virtual reality.
    • Exterminators being downloaded, or some other entities.
    • Cibo, possibly in her Safeguard suit, or her body from another timeline.

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