"Parallel Electricity Storage Tank Cluster" is the fifty-first chapter of Blame!, and the first chapter of Volume 9.


Killy lies embedded in the wreckage of the Silicon life facility. He dreams of the girl with the dog from Log 2, and some Safeguard-like figures. His body takes more than 127,460 hours (more than 14 years) to repair itself.

Once repaired, Killy sheds a protective cocoon, revealing a new suit with Safeguard-like details. He uses increased physical strength to recover his gun from deeper within the wreckage. He establishes a link with his gun, engaging a new mode. While practicing, he accidentally shears off his arm with recoil force, but it is attached again some time later.

Killy travels to an energy storage cluster. He attaches booster cables to himself, and drains the cluster’s capacity into his body.

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