"Another Meeting" is the fifty-fifth chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 9.


Through an electronic link, Sanakan searches Cibo’s mind for her true personality. Cibo’s mental patterns are disorganized beyond recognition, although she recalls her name. Sanakan tells her that her body’s core will be very important when she learns to use it. The Builder warns against listening to a member of the Authority.

The Silicon hunter uses an integrated sniper weapon to assassinate Sanakan and decapitate the Builder. The Builder’s body attempts to stop the other Silicon creature from capturing Cibo. The creature blasts the Builder apart, but Sanakan recovers and destroys the creature with her graviton gun. Cibo mistakes her for Killy, hinting that her mind is not altogether lost.

The hunter fires again, but Sanakan catches its bullet. She charges a graviton shot indicated on her gun by a full cross, and returns fire, annihilating the hunter and everything else in the path of her shot.

Sanakan and Cibo depart, leaving the Builder’s head where Killy found it. Having shown Killy its memories, the Builder shuts down.

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