"People" is the fifty-sixth chapter of Blame!, and the sixth chapter of Volume 9.


While traveling, Killy battles a combat exoform. He destroys its center mass, disabling it. A Silicon creature ejects from the wreckage, and Killy executes her with a small sidearm.

Further on, a voice draws Killy’s attention to a decaying body. The voice comes from a small cortical emulation device running an instance of the deceased person’s mind, called Mori (named for the brand-name inscription on the device). After some hesitation, Killy takes Mori with him.

Killy pursues a wandering robot into a strange room. Mori advises that the exit is visible in a different visual spectrum. The passages feature some intangible false surfaces, including a stair concealing a pit trap.

They catch up to the robot in a residential sector populated by other unusual machines. When Killy asks them if there are any humans nearby, he is directed to a human corpse connected to the area’s control systems. Mori hypothesizes that this person rebuilt a group of Builders into the population they see around them.

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