"Rescue of the Receptacle" is the sixty-second chapter of Blame!, and the fifth chapter of Volume 10.


Sanakan leaves her enthralled knight to finish the slaughter of the Silicon civilians. The Silicon enforcer arrives, and cuts down the knight.

The way to the inner sanctum of the Silicon leaders is guarded by exotic forms of Silicon life embedded into the structure. Sanakan makes it through, and confronts the commander.

The commander attacks with a javelin, severing Sanakan’s leg. She obliterates him at point-blank range with her graviton gun. She reassembles Cibo’s body, and carries her away, destroying as much of the area as possible as she goes.

They land on an outcropping. Sanakan reassures Cibo, referring to the thing within her core as their child. Behind her, an advanced Exterminator appears.

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