"Exterminator, First Class" is the sixty-third chapter of Blame!, and the sixth chapter of Volume 10.


An advanced Safeguard Exterminator with extreme abilities confronts Sanakan. It seeks to destroy Cibo’s body and her core because they were illicitly constructed through a hacked Netsphere connection.

The Exterminator disassembles Sanakan’s weapon, pins her to the wall, and rapidly constructs a corridor around them, embedding Sanakan in place. Killy enters and blasts the Exterminator just before it consumes Cibo’s core, but it recovers quickly. Before he can fire again, the Exterminator severs his arm. It exerts a stasis field around Killy, immobilizing him.

Sanakan breaks her hand free from the wall, and detaches it. She launches the hand into the field, disturbing it, and freeing Killy. The Exterminator bends the field towards her, scorching her body. Killy charges a shot with his gun’s unlocked mode, and wipes out the Exterminator, devastating the surrounding structure.

Through the ashes, Killy finds Sanakan and Cibo. With her dying breath, Sanakan charges him with taking Cibo’s core to a place where it will be safe from infection.

Killy finds that Cibo is dead as well. Her body turns to dust at a touch.

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