"Retrieved Consciousness" is the sixty-fourth chapter of Blame!, and the seventh chapter of Volume 10.


A fragmented instance of Mori finds herself in a human body, in a virtual reality portraying a twisted medieval village at night. She walks among sleeping villagers, unable to wake them. She cannot recall clearly who she is, or how she came to be here.

She meets a small golem-like figure which refers to itself as an 'AI toy'. It explains that the villagers sleep indefinitely, and escorts her to meet someone, out of the village and into an outlying desert.

They meet a tremendous worm-like being, who discusses the situation. Their present reality represents emergency storage of fragmented personalities. Mori begins to recall that her mind was instantiated by an Authority proxy, based on fragments from her cortical emulation device.

Through the proxy, Mori learned that Cibo’s core contains an embryo based on genes from two females. She describes Killy, and says that once he brings the core to a place safe from infection, it will automatically begin to grow.

The inhabitants of the storage reality have no contact with base reality, and generally no indication of events there. However, the worm seems to recognize Mori’s description, and claims that they will know if Killy achieves his goal.

Character Appearances

  • Mori
  • Toy
  • Worm sage
  • Authority Proxy

Notes & Trivia

  • Mori’s emulatution device has been missing since the fight with the Silicon watchman in Log 59. It may have been destroyed by the watchman’s attack. Possibly, its contents were remotely uploaded to the Net at that moment through an emergency protocol, and then processed by the Authority proxy.
  • When Mori glimpses Killy through the proxy’s eyes, his arm seems to be repairing itself.

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