"The Builders" is the seventh chapter of Blame!, and the eighth and final chapter of Volume 1.


Recovering from his fall, Killy gets to his feet and starts tightrope-walking his way across the pipe to the wall when a voice calls out. He looks up and sees a ragged-looking man, who seems happy to see him, thinking he's a "healer", though Killy does not see as thrilled. As the man, Kumoi, leads him up a staircase to his home, to meet "Yaki". Kumoi chats almost nonstop, even as they reach the top of the staircase. Among a pile of shut-down androids, Kumoi introduces Killy to Yaki - who appears to already be dead. Killy says that he's not a healer and tries to leave, but Kumoi shows him where they grow large amounts of food. As the man helps himself to the food, he asks Kumoi if he's ever seen letters in his eyes before, to which the man says no. A Builder suddenly shows up, causing Kumoi to panic and plead with it to leave even as it begins destroying his home and building a new wall. Killy pulls a device out of his suit, which communicates to the Builder in binary and orders it to leave. Kumoi, amazed, asks Killy what that is, and the man explains that he acquired it from a man in a similar situation. The hermit then tells Killy that there is another Builder he wants him to stop.

Outside, they see a massive Building in the distance, slowly creating a wall and working it's way towards them. The two work together to jury rig an amplifier and connect it to Killy's binary device; it works, and the Builder shuts down. Overjoyed, Kumoi runs away, jumping and shouting with glee, before he is blasted all the way back to Killy. Standing in the hallway Kumoi sprinted down is the male Silicon Creature from before; he and Killy engage in a brief gunfight before he bursts through the wall and tackles Killy through another wall and to the ground. With the man stunned, the Silicon Creature prepares to finish him off before Killy brings his gun up to his chest and shoots him, as well as the ceiling above. Killy gets to his feet and walks away as the ceiling falls on the Silicon Creature, completely crushing his head.

Killy returns to Kumoi, who is missing an arm and a leg and bleeding profusely. He tells the hermit not to worry, that the healer is here, though Kumoi sees through his lie and says that he doesn't care anymore before closing his eyes and dying. Killy departs across the incredibly long bridge Kumoi showed him earlier, though not before placing the man's body next to his wife's.

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